Thursday, September 15, 2011


Last weekend I headed off to Stamp Camp in the lovely Hunter Valley region about an hours drive from Newcastle, NSW to meet up with 50 ladies and one gent for a fun filled weekend! I had to travel up to Brisbane first then another flight down to Newcastle (in between Brisbane and Sydney).

Of course I always see the Krispy Cremes at the airport and they always have a line for them, they look pretty but they are not my thing tho! Well I did have a 5.5 hour stop over in Brissy so something to photograph?

Mid afternoon I reached my destination - Newcastle. I was picked up by the lovely Pat and Mel, who drove me to the venue about an hours drive though the lovely countryside.

Over one of the bridges on our way to camp! It was nice to get to know the girls on the journey and what their interest and favs are!

Our destination - the retreat! set amongst lovely rolling hillsides and it was so green! and not cold at all!

The grounds were set on a hillside with the main eating hall and the main venue with a stage was so big that all 50 had their own table so they could spread out and take plenty of "supplies".

The cabins were well appointed and extremely comfortable, so if you ever get the chance to stay you won't be disappointed. Just being in this environment was so zen like. I was pretty much flat out during my stay but it would have been nice to do a walk around the area. I guess I could have got up at the crack of dawn but hey you know what it's like at these camps no one goes to bed early!

Some of the views around the retreat, absolutely stunning!

The organisers, Pat, Tara & Wilma made it a very special weekend, actually Thursday and Friday were included, so a really long weekend! I taught a main project, 2 cards and 2 embellishment classes and everyone enjoyed themselves and learnt something new from the projects and techniques.
One of the cards from the class.

I have to pass comment on the food at the camp, it's the best I have ever had camp, the chef fed us extremely well and I can't get over the quality of the food, so delicious and so healthy!

I now know why the girls love it here, the company, the creating, the environment and the FOOD!

Thanks so much Pat, Tara & Wilma for inviting me and also a big thank you to Jenny Ceasar for your help last weekend! And to all the lovely ladies I met and go to know - you were so kind and a truly wonderful group of gals and not to forget Ron! Thanks for making it a weekend I will never forget!

PS if anyone can send me the group photo that was taken in the gardens I would love to post it here!


Jen Crossley said...

Glad you had a great time.It looks like a great camp

Michelle said...

Gorgeous location! Looks like a great place for a Stamp Camp.