Monday, February 06, 2012

Get Creative for 2012

Just a quick post hoping you are all getting creative out there! Now that the kids are back at school you can start getting all those projects that you put aside for the holidays out and start working on them. Thank goodness it's cooled down a bit here in Perth, those 40C+ temps and high overnight minimums were not great for creating! Right now I am designing some new items for Collections Elements which I will let you all know when they are getting closer to release time, possibly end of next month. In the meantime I do hope you "get creative" with Collections and create something beautiful and of course "It's your style - make it your own!". So go on - get out our stuff!


Genevieve said...

Inspirational as always Julie, thanks for the pep talk. Am certainly getting the fingers inky since the kids are back at school.
Looking forward to the new products. Love ya stuff.


Julie van Oosten said...

Thanks Genevieve, once you get going - well that's all you need to is actually start!

Samantha Marshall said...

Since the kids are back at school I'm too busy to get inky!!! I need more holidays:)