Thursday, March 08, 2012

Photo Update

Just a little update - the past month I have been "getting to know my camera" and I've been getting out and about taking pictures on location. The picture of the boys above are the twins that live in my street, who kindly posed for a quick shot the other day. They are the cutest little boys and are full of life which reminds me of the time when my twin girls were that age!
On the weekend I did some more shots on location - this one above is from Hamersley Beach or North Beach. My aim was to get sunset, rocks and water using a slow shutter speed to add some lovely wispy bits! (I have learned a bit of jargon lately can you tell? LOL). Next is my take on the "Sculptures By the Sea" 2012, an event held once a year and I think there were more than 80 exhibitors. Some were amazing and mind boggling and others were "just for fun". I like details so some of theses pictures are of detail only and not the full sculpture.
This is part of the NO sign exhibit and I absolutely LOVED the globes so much I would like to have nicked them!
This extra large yellow sign, which you cannot see as I did a black and white has a "tall ship" in the centre of the "M". Quite a stunning look, lots of kids got their face pictured in the "O".

Trying out my new lens 50mm 1.4, got a close up of the balls of wool swinging around in the wind.
Just for fun I took a picture of a friend camera, which he was using to photograph with - his only limitation was 12 shots and black and white.
No, not a sculpture but rather street photography here, a lovely lady watching me roll in the sand to take pictures up close. The sand was great tho nice and soft!

All pictures were taken in the morning starting at 5.45am before, during and after sunrise. I'm not and early bird but looks like I'll have to be to get the shot!
I believe the exhibition is on until the 16th March, so pop down and take a look it's amazing! By the way the pic of the tap below is at least 2.5 - 3 meters tall - awesome!

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