Friday, November 23, 2012

This Month In My World

This month has been a very busy and productive month for me. I've been out and about town and have been at home making lots of nice things including food! This past week or so I have had lots of photo opportunities around Perth. Carine Swamp has some wonderful Rainbow Bee Eaters nesting and they make for great bird action shots, but they are super fast birds and this one above had just caught a bee and about to feed it's partner - how sweet. I especially love the colouring and the wings on these beautiful birds.
Here are a couple of shots taken in the city of Perth last week on my Night Photography Walk in the that I guided with a group I belong to. Yes the infamous cactus and some light painting at the Bell Tower near the jetty, that's me in the ball spinning the lights!
Recently I held a "Girls Day" at my place with all things girly, high tea and some lovely bath products made with some luscious body lotion spray, some wonderful foot scrubs and melt an pour soap-making. It was so much fun spending time with the twins and lots of lovely friends.
Lauren made some beautiful cakes that not only tasted fantastic but looked like they came out of a foodie magazine, even the teddy bear was hand sewn for this event. I did the flower arrangement from lavender and rosemary as we had foot scrubs using essential oils of lavender and rosemary.
Here are some of those luscious cakes. These are the heart shape passion ones that only lasted minutes! Below are the body lotions sprays that we made and scented with White Tea & Ginger and Black Raspberry scents - so lovely after your shower to spray a light lotion on for light moisturising.

Last night with my niece we made some lovely gifts for Christmas giving, scented soy candles bath salts and foot scrubs and lovely lotion sprays.... lucky recipients !!!
Some more of my recent photography, a selfie in the city and one of my neighbours twins, how cute are they and so full of beans!

This shot of a group I hosted in a "Street" photography day in the city - we loved this back drop of Grand Theatre Lane just off Murray Street. Yes we were portraying bad attitude!
Two more shots, one of the Pinnacles about 2 hours north of my place and the shot below of a weed flower (macro) which I took on Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo walk and won a copy of his Lightroom 4's ebook - insert happy dance here. Well so long for now and thanks for looking :)


Jen Crossley said...

You make me tired looking at all the things your up to.

Samantha Marshall said...

Wow-what an amazing month! I love all your gorgeous skincare items-they look fabulous!