Sunday, August 20, 2006

ATC Continuum #3

Just thought I would post a few details about the ATC Continuum #3 coming up on Saturday. For the most part it is now fully booked with around 58 girls attending. If you are a first timer reading this, don't worry not all 58 rock up at once, many come during the day and others come later in the evening depending on their schedules with work etc. We will hope to do some demos, I plan on one during the day and will repeat it again sometime in the evening so no one misses out, that is unless you are there only for a couple of hours. I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting some of the new girls. And for the newbies, it is a very special group of gals, I can vouch for that! Many love techniques and textures so I have decided we will do a technique for the demo. I will save all the details to the demos to Saturday, don't want to ruin any surprises! And Incase you are wondering I have a special kit for all of you that have registered this time. It is to do with ATC making and I have put together special a selection of stuff that I know your will enjoy. I would love to show it to you right now but one part of the product is making its way over from the eastern states as we speak and I will hopefully get it Monday and start putting it together this coming week. On Saturday we will have a small amount of "new product" for you to purchase. We will have the lovely Debbie looking after us again doing shop and helping me in the preparation of the days events. I do hope this time to get some ATC's made but as I know from past experience I might get "one" done! LOL. I also do want to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and sharing of ideas and friendship in regards to this third event. The response from participants has been overwhelming and it makes it really special and rewarding to organise an event with this kind of response.
See you all then!
Julie xxx

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littledawnieno1 said...

such a shame I will miss this one julie, but know that all will have a fab time.
I look forward to hearing all about 'INDUSTRIA'

Enjoy yourself
Dawn T