Friday, October 02, 2009

Getting ready to plant

It time I got going on my garden here at the "shack", so I have planted lots of seeds and now my seedlings are nearly ready to go into the garden that has been prepared for the next lot of crops. There are some tomatoes in already that are coming along nicely. I am not growing the huge plantation like last year but be more selective on the types of vegetables that I will use during the summer months. We have had good rain this year and setting records for September so I expect a bumper crop of salad veges to grace my table. I am particularly fond of Thai salad and who isn't when you have crispy "real" tasting produce to go in it? I make a Lebanese cucumber, tomato, lots of coriander and onion mix flavoured with palm sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, crushed garlic and chilli. Mmm I can't wait for that delicious taste! Beetroot is something I have raised from seed this year that I haven't tried to grow before and the seedlings popped up in no time! I have put them in a tiny hot house to raise them, see pic! Thanks for looking!


Jen Crossley said...

Your such a bust Bee Ms JVO you put me to shame
Miss you

libby_douglas said...

You,re such a busy beaver Julie.
I've started our vegie garden down at the farm too. I love Spring.
Libby D

Karin said...

Just found your blog, but aren't you from the Netherlands (just your name tells me "DUTCH"). LOL

anyway, saw your name mentioned at Suzes blog.. so... :)

luv, karin