Monday, August 01, 2011

Mundaring Truffle Festival

Well it's been so wintery here in Perth, well I guess it's the middle of winter but we have had lots of stormy weather and lots of rain. I don't like being locked up at home I love getting outside and at the very least tinkering in the garden (what little I have of it at the moment). I have planned all year to go to the Mundaring Truffle Festival as I wanted to get to try the "Aussie" truffle so once a year it's on in the hills of Perth about 30 minutes drive from my place. If you know Perth Mundaring is a weir built by CY O'Conner to supply pumped water to the goldfields and it was quite an achievement at the time as they are 600kms away. So I headed up on one of those cold and rainy days hoping it would not be a mud bath and I was delighted it was not, in fact the sun shone most of the time I was there. The place was packed by the time I got there and there were so many stalls and things to see and taste. I was after the elusive truffle - and there they were lot's of them. There was truffle, honey, paste, butter, oil, cheese, macaroons, and lots of food items like pate, sausages, pork all with some truffle infused or added to them. It was truffle heaven. At the festival sat and watched how dogs find truffles and how they are trained and attended a live cooking show on how to make some delicious french recipes all infused with truffles! In the pic above are the items I purchased, a small black truffle from Manjimup and two kinds of truffle infused oil. For lunch I snacked on a big chunk of Tassie brie with a sliver of truffle inside them on some french baguette, yum, that came from the Loose Box Restaurant which is a pretty famous restaurant in the hills area. Here's a little video from the show, hope you had a lovely weekend!

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