Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Weekend

What a lovely day it's been so far. Pictured a little bee humming away on the new lavender plants I have put in in my backyard. Just testing out the new lens on my camera 60D and I haven't taken my DSLR course in Fremantle yet but I am practicing taking photos at every opportunity I get, weather permitting.
Yesterday I drove to Rockingham, south of Perth to catch up with some family I hadn't seen in years! It was a wonderful day and so nice to see my auntie and uncle and catch up with cousins! My uncle gave me some really wonderful photographs of my mother that I had never seen before so that was so exciting! There was so much gos to catch up on and learn about! Thanks for such a great day!

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Blossom inch said...

that is stunning shot Julie...what a beautiful lavender you have in your backyard and keep on practicing...
What a wonderful time to catch up with families isn't it, life is good.